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I wanted to check with you, I pulled up a picture of your location and I can see you are right off a highway and your front door is not the best place to leave a package as it is in a major thoroughfare, is there a backdoor or side door or another location we can leave the package.

We can also put a phone number for the driver to call, or Fed Ex now has partnered with partnering Safeway’s to receive and hold packages or any Fed Ex Office location can receive packages.

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The Maintenance Supervisor witnessed this and came over and started to yell at him, (rightfully so, he was wrong) he then asked who he worked for.

The manager (who is 68-70 years old) turns and says me. It got to the point where he got into his face and started to point his finger at his face.

I apologize for your continued inconvenience please let me know if this does not get resolved or if your packages continue to not arrive as scheduled. As for picking packages at other locations, I have a Medical Issue in which I’m unable to drive at this time Trust me If I was able I would not need to other locations, Besides I paid $136 to have these packages delivered to me and not for me to drive 3-4 miles to pick up packages.

Thank you, Esteban Limon Operations Administrator East Baltimore 209 Fed Ex Ground 410.388.2397 office From: Raymond Mc Gee [mailto: [email protected] outlook.com] Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2018 PM To: Esteban Limon Subject: Re: Re [email protected] Importance: High Good Evening sir, No one came by to pick up the damaged Package as of P. today From: Raymond Mc Gee Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2018 AM To: Esteban Limon Subject: Re: Re [email protected] Good morning Mr. There is an alley behind my house, but one would not be able to get a truck up there. Most of the time Fed Ex stops across the street of my house and has to dodge traffic( when you have a package weighting more than 40 lbs./18.15 kg one should not stop across the street I wait and watch by my door when I know when I’m expecting any packages from any carrier.

I asked him to step away and tried to calm everyone down. He threatened my lively hood and I wasn’t letting this supervisor talk to me the way he was talking to everyone else.