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Hormones cause the abdominal bloating and can cause your digestion to slow down leading to indigestion, trapped wind and other embarrassing symptoms.

It’s annoying but this common early pregnancy symptom may still be plaguing you.

I feel a twinge of guilt about nosing around it uninvited, as if we've been watching secret CCTV footage of nuns at prayer. So he thinks he can relax while she does all the hard work?

But it's a wonderful sight, and all too soon the nurse is winding things up, gently kicking us out to make way for the next pair of gawping breeding machines. Help put him straight with some labour do’s and don’ts.

Do bear in mind that if you were a big caffeine drinker before you were pregnant and have cut a lot out, it could be caffeine withdrawal causing your headache, but stick with it and find out about coping with headaches in pregnancy.