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Of course, there is no mention of the fact that this “reforestation” consists of monoculture eucalyptus plantations to feed the pulp and paper industry.

Neither is there any mention of the social and environmental impacts of industrial tree plantations in Uruguay or about the resistance to these plantations.

These VERs can then be sold through a management company which takes a 5% fee.

This essentially means buyers are forward purchasing VERs for US$16 each.

Richard Clark is a senior consultant at MH Carbon, and has a tendency to wax lyrical about carbon markets: “No longer is social and environmental responsibility the domain of the nature-loving free spirit; now everyone must take heed, for the very fabric of capitalist mentality has been entangled into the web and those that would ride the tide can expect to reap the benefits.” In an article he wrote in March 2012 on the Financial Times website, he acknowledges that the carbon market, like any other market, has inherent risks that should be explained to potential investors: Investing in this sort of market is simply not for everyone but it is important that the investor gets the choice.