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Enjoy the sunshine and clouds that are always alternating controls over the canyon, adding a dash of style to the magnificent scenic picture. * Please meet your tour guide at Circus Circus Sky Rise Tower (near the elevator on the first floor, 2880 S.

Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89109) at am (Please CONFIRM the number of the guide before departure).

Las Vegas is constantly changing and always exciting.

LAX pick-up: *LAX Terminal Meeting Spots* Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal(Terminal B) - 7/11 supermarket (forward leading to the left) Terminal 1 - Baggage Claim#1 Hudson News Terminal 2 - Baggage Claim#2 Terminal 3 - Baggage Claim#A Terminal 4 - Starbucks Terminal 5 - Baggage Claim#3 Terminal 6 - Information and ATM Terminal 7/8 - Baggage Claim#1 *LAX Pick-up Time and Schedule* We offer one complimentary airport transfer from LAX to your hotel for each reservation.

We offer complimentary transfers for: * Domestic US arrival transfers between am-pm * International arrival transfers between am - pm Bus schedule: Every 1 hour we have the transfer bus pick passengers up at airport (am, am, am, am, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm).

* In winter, we reserve the right to change the day to day itinerary in case of bad weather.

Guests may take a free day tour in Las Vegas (without any additional fee) instead of visiting the South Rim.

If you wish to end your tour in Las Vegas, However, if you do choose to depart from Las Vegas, you'll forgo the tour to the Tanger Outlet Center.