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What happens in the bedroom stays there, and we’ve made sure our laws protect and defend that position.

And our progressive attitudes toward sex in particular are no doubt buoyed by the annual influx of more than 250,000 college students on their own missions of self-discovery. Beginning in the 1980s, Boston’s Fenway Health implemented radical public health initiatives to treat the HIV/AIDS community and encourage open discussion of sexual practices, a critical cultural change that helped stem the spread of the disease.

When the world wants to know what the 21st-century sexual revolution looks like in practice, it should turn to Boston. How do we turn each other on and how do we get each other off?

To find out, we conducted our first-ever sex survey, and interviewed dozens more people to get a nuanced view of our distinctly Boston mating habits.

As the rest of the country joins the sexual revolution of the 21st century, we Bostonians can sit back and wonder what took everyone so long to get here. Two years ago, we were among the first states to cover gender reassignment surgery under state insurance. In 2011, we passed legislation that protects rights for all, including transgender people, in matters such as employment, housing, and credit.

And in our finest hour thus far, we were the first state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage, more than a decade ago.

This course looks at the biological and attachment-based reasons for the fluctuation of desire that can be experienced during and just post pregnancy...