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That’s why we need to know what really happened to them,” says Plinio.“All we want is to know the truth,” he says, staring out at the falling rain, “so we know who—or what—to blame for their deaths.”This investigation was undertaken after The Daily Beast received secretly leaked copies of the official case files used by investigators.

Those archives contained autopsy reports, data recovered from the electronic devices the women had with them when they went missing (a camera and two phones), as well as DNA analysis, maps used in the search, and more, including Kris Kremer’s diary.

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She’d been a volleyball star in college, and had tried her hand at more extreme sports, like sky diving and mountaineering.

Froon had an introspective side, too, and had majored in applied psychology back in Amsfoort; she was also a budding amateur photographer.

The deaths of Kris and Lisanne have been blamed on pygmy cannibals, cartel hitmen, and organ traffickers, as well as more conventional explanations—like kidnapping and rape that ends in murder.

Boquete’s best guide resists buying into any of the gossip and still searches for some hard proof to tell him what happened.“Most tourists go up to the Mirador and snap a few selfies.

By combining their appraisal of the evidence with on-site reporting we can now make some confident assertions regarding the victim’s whereabouts and activities during at least part of the time they were missing—and, as a result, we can also offer new insights into the accident-versus-foul-play controversy.“We need to set the record straight for the sake of the victims themselves,” as local guide Plinio Montenegro put it.“The holandesas deserve to have their story told the right way at last.”At the time of their disappearance, Kris and Lisanne were on break from their studies back in the Netherlands. They’d first met while working part-time gigs at the same café in the southern city of Amersfoort, before deciding to share a flat. Kris was the outgoing one, with striking, strawberry-blond hair and cool blue eyes.