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The decline was hastened by outside pressure from the so-called barbarians of eastern Europe, strengthening regional identities within the empire notably in Gaul led by the Merovingian Frankish monarchy, and internal political squabbling.

Lastly, the kings of Italy from the succeeding dynasties are shown, in most cases in outline form only as their complete families are set out in other documents.

The kingdom of Italy was first created in 476, from the remnants of the Roman empire.

He received the usurper Magnentius in Pannonia in Sep 351, but Emperor Constantius confiscated all his assets in reprisal.

A member of the personal guard of Emperor Julian, he was disgraced and returned to Pannonia.

This document shows in detail the families of the later Roman emperors after the accession of Emperor Valentinian I in 364, the Ostrogoth kings of Italy who ruled from 476 to 552, and the Lombard kings who ruled during the following two hundred years.