Annalyn mccord dating

On the popular television series Nip/Tuck, 21-year old Anna Lynne Mc Cord played a disturbed young woman with an affinity for plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.

After her convincing stint on the show, many wondered if Anna Lynne really had spent time under the knife.

When comparing pictures of Anna Lynne today versus Anna Lynne circa 2008, it’s quite obvious that she has been regularly getting lip plumping injections for years now. Blowing kisses goodbye to their careers or just being super sexy?

The roles of Eden Lord and Loren Wakefield were played on series Nip/Tuck and American Heiress respectively.

It is said that she had made her lips more charming through lip augmentation that was possibly done with the help of injections.

I don’t think either of those rumors are true, but I do suspect that in addition to the lip injections, she has received Botox injections as well.

It sure does seem that just a couple of years in Hollywood has the ability to turn naturally stunning young actresses into waxen faced “sexy” zombies.

Just to name a few: Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Sophie Monk and Lindsay Lohan are all naturally stunning girls that ruined their natural good looks (and careers) with plastic surgery.