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Here too, fans called out, "Her side-boob can't be stopped?," "The virgin-killer sweater suits her," and "There's only one person in the world who could be put in this outfit!

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Her "virgin-killer sweater," a side-boob baring sexy knit top posted on the Net is the topic of conversation and the screenshot being spread of "Japan's best breasts" is already garnering the close attention of men.

" At the same time, there is also the topic of, "Is the life after earning the title of a Japan top champion really okay? In the same broadcast, in a segment titled "Nakaoka Ryoko's Boob-a-pedia" she explains the path she took to having Japan's best breasts.

Fuuka decided to visit Yuu at his house after finding out that he had a fever.

Before entering his home, she was surprised that a lollipop appeared.

In December of 2011, Shuukan Bunshun reported that when Miyazaki divorced from her former husband Takaoka Sousuke, Takaoka suspected that Miyazaki and Okada had an intimate relationship.