Free explicit adult chat rooms no video - Apb reloaded not updating

He mentioned speculation about Epic and Codemasters (Eurogamer debunked this one) and mused that they might have been interested in some of the APB tech.Book-Larsson even ran into fellow bidders even though he wasn't supposed to know who they were.And there's a chance that Dave Jones, creator of APB, may help.

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Dead and buried MMO APB has a new owner and an extra life - it will rise again.

But how long before we're playing the game we were once promised? "Oh no [six months isn't long enough] - we think it'll take four or five years," new owner Bjorn Book-Larsson informed Eurogamer.

APB could also go off in a peculiar direction: K2 sees the game as "a platform to make more stuff on" that could involve "other releases or updates".

"Possibly [spin-offs], too - but even within the game there's potential because you have a social district you can walk around.

But the essence of the game will remain the same: "If you're asking if we're becoming Zynga, the answer is no - the game will not be played by 35 year-old house-mums." There's a much stronger chance that the 15 million registered War Rock users will give it a go and, as a F2P game, there's nothing stopping them.