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She was just about to go yell at a young student doctor to get a tie clip when her phone started to ring. I have a patient out in the parking lot, one that needs to be kept under the wraps. "She hesitated, the fact that House hadn't used any sarcastic remarks in his request unnerving her slightly, then said, "House, the ER isn't for your private use. Allison..." Cameron blinked in shock at the use of her name, knowing right then and there that this wasn't some sort of trick. Get a private exam ready, then meet me at the outside entrance to the ER in five minutes, okay? With a frown, she got up to answer it to find a wet Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds standing there...

Sighing, she picked it up and said in a tired voice, "Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, emergency room. "She was surprised to hear House's voice reply, but his request shocked her even more. "Cameron hesitated, then said slowly, "Look, at least give me an idea what to prepare for- car crash vic, overdose, a junkie, what?

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We've been rooting for Emma Swan and Captain Hook to get together on Once Upon A Time for a full season now (well, at least until that whole "cursed lips" drama happened) but what about the woman behind the savior?

Once Upon a Time Actress Jennifer Morrison may play the ultimate independent woman on Once Upon A Time, but much like her character, she hasn't been solo forever — even if she currently is now.

"There was a moment of silence, then House said softly, "Rape victim." Then he hung up.

Cameron stood there for a moment, shocked, then hurried to make the preparations for the patient.

HOUSE HOUSE HOUSEChase walked towards House's office, which was empty except for Foreman. *Music for Young and the Restless plays* Will Cuddy tell House what happened?