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It was a very entertaining and informative programme.

She said, ' I’m really craving something nice, something sweet, something tasty and it’s getting the better of me.' Gemma – The New Nordic Diet Gemma weighed in at 14 stone 3lbs.

Charlotte said, ' I don’t think this diet is sustainable.

Maybe especially for Sheena as, from what we’d seen, she didn't really have a sound basis for going forward.

But since we’re advocates of healthy weight loss here at wlr, I feel duty bound to point out that as soon as normal eating is resumed the weight will very likely go back on quite quickly.(Plus I have the job of reviewing it for wlr.) (First aired Monday 15th January 2018) This episode saw another bunch of hopefuls wanting to shed some weight for a school reunion, speed dating and Manchester Pride.

Noticing changes on the belt.' Both guys looked different to when we first met them.

Once she had finished the detox, she was onto soups and casseroles – she did get really fed up with eating soup.