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Particularly since Emily is in romantic limbo with two other girls in town already.

This felt like a small moment of fan service more than anything, an opportunity to get the EMISON teens off Marlene's lawn. D.) is the future, and Emison is a convenient dalliance for Alison whenever she feels the need to control something when her uterus is betraying her. Did Archer (Huw Collins) find a way to take Emily's eggs that've been floating around and implant them into Alison?

Seriously, it's just scary that this isn't over yet!!!

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But do you mind if I roll my tongue into your mouth for a couple minutes before you go?

I believe I deserve some PG-13 prima nocta." watching that one with some judgmental clucking and a telephoto lens.

I don't know why Spencer is Poison Ivy all of a sudden when she's always been Batman. But that might not be the end of Spoby anyway, since before he could escape the gravity of the black hole that is Rosewood, he got into (another) terrible car accident. Nowhere else for Toby to go but the warm embrace of Spencer's tiger cardigan.

VIDEO: Troian Bellisario reveals what Spencer's "happy ending" would be on EZRIAWith the five-year jump, the institutional quagmire Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) seemed to blissfully ignore was removed and all that was left was a woman on the crest of success who was still in love with a sad sack townie.

These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.