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To promote Usain Bolt’s chase for Olympic glory in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, Puma released a series of videos including Bolt’s then-world-record-setting run in Icahn Stadium and his Olympic preparations.

After Usain Bolt’s world record breaking run in New York City, which was preceded by a lightning storm, the press frequently made puns on the Jamaican’s name, nicknaming him “Lightning Bolt” and the “Bolt from the blue”.

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Regardless of having much rumor of not present in the fifth season, Pratt came back. Stephanie Pratt has indicated in many public appearances that she has not seen her brother or his wife Heidi Montag in more than a year.

She even featured as the main team member in the sixth and final season. Pratt also postured nude for PETA's “Be Nice to Bunnies” application in i Phone in 2010. Stephanie is a close friend and associate with her former Hills co-stars, Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth.

During the Beijing 2008 100 m final, Usain Bolt wore golden Puma Complete Theseus spikes that had “Beijing 100 m Gold” emblazoned across them. In January 2012, Usain Bolt impersonated Richard Branson in an Ad Campaign for Virgin Media.

The multi-million-pound campaign was directed by Seth Gordon and features Virgin founder Branson to promote its superfast broadband service. 1 app in Jamaica and climbed the UK i Tunes charts to reach No.

Usain Bolt has been called the world’s most marketable athlete and the greatest athlete ever.