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Watching lawn bowling and the warm ice house they would build next to the ice rink down by the tennis courts. Laying awake on hot sticky summer nights listening to the noise of the bomb plant at AO Smith and the trains working the plant 24/7. Watching Howdy Doody on a very small tv set up in the Museum staircase.

Playing in the automatic doors at Kohl's across from the Sherman theater.

Plus the great soft drinks such as: Jic-Jac, Nesbitt, Grafs, Glen Rock and Roxo . Clark super 100 gasoline, Thousands know it's best, The largest selling independent gasoline In the middle west.

Fill up today, you'll see just what we mean With Clark super 100 gasoline...

We often came to Milwaukee shopping, Third street and Wisconsin was our main shopping area. My sister took her nurses training at Milwaukee County Hospital.

Whenever we would come to Milwaukee we would have to stop for ice cream at the Milk Jug.

Found your website while searching for snirkle candy bars.