Break the ice online dating

Whether it's your first date or you feel stuck in the early phases of a new relationship, here are the best tips and tricks for getting past the small talk so you both can come out of your shell.

Unless you already know the person from somewhere else, the first date is usually a simple "making sure you're not a serial killer" meetup. Nerdlove), the author of , calls it: the "pre-date date." You just want to see if the other person is actually who they say they are, and test the waters to see if there might be something between the two of you.

Just remember to choose places with activities that still allow you to talk and get to know each other.

Seeing a show or going to the movies might make for a great date later on, but it doesn't offer much opportunity to learn anything about the other person.

If you go the coffee shop route, Nerdlove recommends you opt for a local place instead of a chain, they're usually designed to have a more relaxed atmosphere.