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On Wednesdays and Saturdays, for per person, you can learn to make the bakery's famed cakes and crack pie (and take home everything you bake! On those last, lingering, clammy days, heat things up with flaming libations.

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Exhibits range from sex in the animal kingdom to nearly 20,000 artifacts (vintage condoms, erotic sculptures) and will, at the very least, strike up some interesting conversation.

Improve your baking skills (and subtly celebrate the achievement of making it a month) by taking one of Milk Bar's Bake the Book classes.

Ah, springtime in New York -- that evanescent, magical thaw when the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing and love is in the air.

Yes -- we have entered a truly romantic time when even the most cold-hearted among us are ready to let love bloom.

Unseasonable heat creeps in earlier and earlier every year, so make sure you’re ready for the sand and surf with our guides to the best beaches in the Hamptons, Atlantic City, and closer to Manhattan. Break out those Bermuda shorts and board the Staten Island Ferry to New York City’s westernmost borough.

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