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Professionally qualified, specialist counsellors will provide counselling, information, advice and referrals to relevant local services. Call Toni Mc Lean & Associates on 0409 599 887 or go to their website at Louise Spencer (Hawthorne, QLD) - Louise is an accomplished clinician, mediator and therapist who offers confidential counselling services to men who have experienced abuse.

Unfortunately the helpline is likely to be both better informed about and more utilised by female victims, and there are very few services available for them to refer male victims on to. Hunter Domestic Violence Support & Advisory Services Inc (Cessnock, NSW) - A 24/7 service to assist men who are or have been experiencing domestic violence. Louise is highly skilled and experienced in this realm and is available for consultation and appointments across Australia both in person or via phone or Skype.

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Financial assistance is provided through the Victims Support Scheme during the time when you need support the most.

Phone 1800 633 063 (freecall number) or 02 8688 5511 (Sydney metropolitan), 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excl. During business hours, victims of crime requiring support, information and referrals can speak to the Victims Services Support Coordination Team.

Covers issues such as What is Domestic Violence, Are you being abused, Myth busting, What you can do, and Support information. Amen (Ireland) - Provides a confidential helpline and support services for male victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Family of Men Support Society (Canada) - Education, advocacy, lobbying, crisis line, referals for men in need, peer support. Tragically Earl Silverman who ran this service and website passed away on April 26th 2013.

We will be in touch once we have received sufficient interest to start a group in your area.