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Some new practices in particular towards the minority constitute a step backwards.

Lack of bilingual kindergartens: Kindergartens are part of the compulsory education for the minority as of 2011-2012 school year in Greece.

The Greek authorities have not yet responded to the minority’s application to set up new minority schools.

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However, the Greek authorities changed their policy on political grounds and thus started calling the minority as the “Muslim minority.” Greece also started to ban the associations bearing the adjective "Turk/Turkish" in their titles.

The minority brought the cases before the European Court of Human Rights (ECt HR).

The ECt HR passed three judgements that the ban on the Turkish Muslim Minority NGOs bearing the adjectives “Turkish/Minority” in their titles is discriminatory and in contradiction with the freedom of association of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECt HR).

[Article 11 of the ECt HR] In one case, it was ruled that Greece violated the right to a fair trial [Article 6 of the ECt HR] as well.

The members of the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, however, cannot fully enjoy their minority rights.

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