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The Info heading contains an FAQ, an updates page, news and search engines for the site and the advertisements.The FAQ is pretty standard stuff, the updates page is a little confusing as it is also all-text, the news isn't all that newsy and the search engines are very simplistic.I'm not saying there's not a lot of remarkably on-topic content to sift through here...

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There are simply too many categories and not nearly enough structure to the way they're presented to be enjoyable unless you're a "black stud" really looking for some white guy's wife to have sex with.

The Stories & Confessions section inexplicably includes a few pages similar to the Galleries pages, but also has some text stuff.

Or the "Ass Play" section which has 4 whole pictures in it.

The layout of each of these pages is different, but there's a lot of sense in having a standard format here, which is an indication of the major problem with the galleries: there are no standards!

The List is seperated into 6 categories: Info, Galleries, Darkrooms, Stories & Confessions, Resources & Downloads, and Personals & Miscellaneous. that's a lot of categories and a LOT of links within each category.