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It doesn’t mean you don’t walk with God in it and try to listen to His leading. But we need to be aware of these false choices because false choices set us up to fail.

These are just a few of the false choices we are given as singles. Perhaps you’d share some more in the comments section.

The choice between being married versus being single doesn’t even belong here in the twenty-first century.” ― Kate Bolick, “Let us crush these so-called biological clocks that give us nothing but fear, and encourage us to make stupid decisions.

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Most of the time, you won’t have the luxury of choosing between people or circumstances that are totally bad or totally good.

Nearly all your choices will appear good in some way, but only one will be part of God’s perfect plan —His best for you.

The good news is that you still are at Hogwarts, but the bad news is that pretty much everyone else there will avoid you and make it clear they feel sad for you and would never, ever want to be you.” ― Sammy Rhodes, “Marriage brings face to face two people committed to God whose face is distinctively revealed in each as they see each other in the light of God, shining on each countenance.

God brought them close to each other because each was the other's answer from God, to rescue them from being alone.” ― Ravi Zacharias, “Think long and hard whether you have reached that mature stage of selflessness for this one you think you love so much.

Of course you can also be a good Christian and not be attractive. Living life to the full first or getting married Flowing from the previous thought is the idea that you need to go out and experience life before you get married because once you do life is not fun anymore. Beyond the fact that this is a completely self centered way to look at things, it is a false choice.