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TV series - More about Superman's Kryptonian religious beliefs - Additional published excerpts from Superman comics illustrating the character's religious background - The wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane - Batman asks Superman about his death and subsequent resurrection - Additional articles about Superman's Jewish roots - Superman as Nietzsche's - Additional articles about Superman's religious affiliation - Superman's politics - Discussion and opinion - Related Articles on Other Websites Superman is the archetypal costumed super-hero.

He is clearly the most influential character in the comic book super-hero genre.

The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster [often mis-spelled "Joe Schuster"], both of whom were Jewish.

Naturally, the Clark Kent/Superman dichotomy—most particularly, the question of which is the "real" person and which is the "mask"—has been explored a great deal, and has changed over time (with Kent going from nervous, geeky klutz to sharp-witted Intrepid Reporter, among other changes).

In the Golden and the Silver Age, Clark Kent was little more than a façade for Superman. Both sides also tend to be a lot more psychologically/emotionally vulnerable than you'd expect.

Many aspects of the Superman mythos has fallen into the common lexicon.

Kryptonite has arguably displaced Achilles' Heel, and the name of one of his supervillains has become a synonym for genius: brainiac. Cynicism, he and the series he stars in almost universally tends toward the idealistic side, being the iconic Cape.

Ironically, the first character they called "Superman" was intended as a villain with superior mental powers (also ironically looking a lot like Lex Luthor, Bald of Evil and everything).