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Season 22, we saw Mark slip a disc in his back and he had to sit out.

He hand-picked Alan to be his replacement and the two only got to rehearse for a couple hours, but they still topped the leaderboard at 24 out of 30 points! [PHOTOS: ] So, now we all want to know if Mark will be back for Week 3 or if this back injury is going to keep him out longer!

The power couple started up the group Alexander Jean -- Mark's middle name is Alexander and BC's middle name is Jean -- after they wrote a few songs together a few years ago. WATCH: Season 21 Contestants Revealed and Matched With Their Pro Partners!

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After performing as a dance pro for five seasons, Julianne filled in for Len Goodman Monday, and weighed in on Ballas' foxtrot with Christina Milian.

Jimmy Kimmel apologized to Bristol Palin last night for making fun of her mom.

Here is that post, as an older lady enjoyed his undies: Season 22 tonight!

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They had had excellent reasons to believe they were safe, having just received the first 10 of the season for their cha-cha and an overall score of 28.

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