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He claimed that 'merely extending 10 years’ reservation, v/e are not achieving anything ... Let us make a move tabards social mobility.’ Unfortunately the creamy layer of SC/ST having risen up the reservatfon ladder continue to harvest the privilege for their children as well denying it to their unprivileged brethren. He said that reservation itself v/ould not change society and stressed the need to bring all communities on one platform with a positive integra Uon.

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Population Explosion On its 52nd Independence Day on August 1 1999, trrdia achieved the dubious distinction joining the “Demographic Billionaire Club" along wi China with its population crossing the one-billic milestone. & other Competitive Exams SOCIOLOGY Vidyo Bhushon, D. Sochdeva ❖An Introduction to Sociology 175.00 ❖OTJITOH f BTOT 160.00 Public Administrotion ❖ M. Entrance Exam of Indian Institute of Informolion Technology, Allahabad Combined Enirance Exam of all Centres of IIT and also REC-Roorkee. We know the Government of India is working very hard under lough circumstances.

They shall be designed ai deployed to ensure survival against a first strik Deterrence requires that India maintains suflicie survivable and operationally prepared nude devices, a robust command and control system, the same time, it would follow any move by tl nuclear weapon states to destroy nuclear weapo and make the world free from the destructi weapons In a time-bound manner, according Prime Minister Mr. Pakistan and USA reacted to India’s Nude Doctrine the negative way and argued that it col lead to an arms race in the subcontinent. H ❖ sin T Ithtui Midi ❖ fwt si Fil aftt Tifef 95.00 60.00 75.00 CENTURY PUBLISHING HOUSE PRESENT MOST AUTHENTIC STUDY MATERIAL FOR Enirance Exam of Indian institute of information Technology (HIT), Hyderabad. Pakistan’s efforts to internationalise issue also came to nought as the United States efused to intervene in the matter and advised Pakistan to vacate its illegal occupation of the Kargil sector by its infiltrators and foot soldiers. He emphasised in his communication that the ongoing standoff between India and Pakistan needed to be defused and respect lor the Line of Control was essential. Richard Celeste also hoped that “as quickly as possible the intruders would be withdrawn and the military action could be scaled back...

A major recommendation of the Commission is that independent candidates be barred from contesting elec Uons for the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies, On the state funding of political parties, the Commission has reiterated the recommendations in the Indrajit Gupta Committee report, subject to certain changes.

The Commission has suggested the desirability of adopting a nrle by which only a candidate obtaining 50 per cent and above of the votes polled should be declared elected.

States And Union Tem'tories ...573 Page 37 Conquer the World around you through S. Buta Singh v/anlod the scope of reservation to be extended to the Rtsya Sabha and the legislative council as well as speciansed institutions. According to him there has not been much change b the status of people belonging to the SC i ST despite reservation for more than half a century.