Dating a child of alcoholics Home web camsex

Like many ACOAs I’ve had my fair share of trust issues.Over the years, in relationships, I felt constantly let down, disappointed and was treated like crap by people who were supposed to be my “friends”.I have been dating/living with an acoa for almost six years. In looking back over my life, now understanding I'm an ACOA and all that means and how it did and could have affected me, in looking back over 23 years married to another ACOA, my feeling is that, as adults, we choose our paths.

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I really do love her and I know that she is going through a lot right now.

I am also having a hard time dealing with the lack of communication/relationship/physical contact, I feel like I'm alone even though we live in the same house.

We have been in couples' therapy for several months and there has been no progress. Since your relationship started to deteriorate around the time you were planning to get married, do you think it is possible that your partner may have the same irrational fear towards commitment/marriage and is pushing you away so that you leave her?

Recently or therapist told us that she's suffering from symptoms of and ACOA. She may not even believe that her parents' alcoholism can affect her in this way.

I know my situation is different, but just my two cents, I'm very new to this whole discussion forum thing.