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I love everything about him and it is starting to get harder for me as time goes on. I'm starting to really miss him and if I could only spend an hour with him. I will be happy when I get to see him more and when he is finished with residency. Becoming a doctor is very hard and takes true dedication to the goal. Once he is established.might still be busy with his work..he'll have time to involve you more. I don't know how it feels but I do not that college can be a lot. At least I have school that will keep me busy until he is finished. I have never dated a resident doctor but I did see a documentary that depicted the life of a doctor in training and the amount of hours they are expecting to put in is ridiculous and I don’t see how one can go on like that for too long before burning out.

I think it will be hard for both of us in a relationship until he is finished. Do you think that a residency doctor could really be on their way to pick up his girlfriend and be called into work? I know I will cherish the time that we have together. I saw that the residents were sleeping and eating at the hospital and for the majority it was a second home.

Find out your MD/ DO's means of escape from the hospital and make sure you R-E-S-P-E-C-T it. We would love some—homecooked, deli, leftovers from a restaurant. Life becomes very lame when all of your fluid intake/output is at the hospital.

Remember, jellos and saltine crackers are not dinner.

So just ask yours if you should page / text / call them. Most of the sleep we accumulated in medical school was drunken hangover sleep and dreaming of test material, and most of the sleep we experience now is with a dysfunctional circadian rhythm. We love to believe you, but if what you says seems fishy, we will inadvertently turn to objective data to corroborate your story. Believe me, you don’t want to be lumped in with the pain-med seeker who has 10/10 headaches and can still sleep soundly in the ED, yell at the triage nurses, and eat a full meal while sitting under bright fluorescent lights. We are not medication or medical imaging vending machines. Feel free to refer your family/friends to us for an informal conversation re: their low back pain or new rash.