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Harvey Dwight Kinkle is the former high-school sweetheart of Sabrina Spellman.

He was the victim of many of Sabrina's spells when they went awry, until he discovered her secret and became a reliable ally and confidant of the Spellman family.

Four things to watch out for after your wife has sex with another man If both of you think you’re ready to explore the horizons of sex by sleeping with other people, here are a few things to watch out for, the morning after. You may have second thoughts about the whole arrangement. If not, it may make both of you drift away from each other and into another person’s bed if one of you isn’t happy with the results. If both of you love each other a lot and don’t mind having sex with others because you genuinely want your partner to enjoy great sex and fulfill their sexual desires, it’s never a bad thing as long as that’s what both of you want.

Or you may even regret it if both of you weren’t entirely ready to bring the sexual fantasy to real life. Would you look at it as a sexual high like never before or would you just blame your wife for wanting to be a whore after it’s all done? [Read: 25 relationship rules to have a successful romance] And if you do see your partner orgasming better or having a better time with someone else in bed, you have to realize that it’s the sexual fantasy that’s more of a turn on than the guy she’s having sex with.

[Read: How to build trust in a relationship] Well, what’s the difference, you say?