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"I was one of those standing outside that day, although luckily my daughter wasn’t injured," he said.

"So being involved with this has been very emotional for me and a way of both coping with those feelings and showing you cared for others who weren’t so lucky.

Almost 2,000 residents and guests crowded into the car park to hear North, the new centre’s patron, say that the purpose-built youth and sports centre should not be a memorial for those who died but a "living, breathing meeting place".

"What happened to our children and their teachers eight years ago at the primary school brought waves of sympathy and support from around the world.

Twinkling in the bright light, the 17 inscriptions of birds, flowers and animals in the glass frontage of the new centre were a stark reminder of what the town’s lost children had given to those of their friends who were lucky enough to grow up.