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However, in order to prevent a legal void article 84 of the first constitutional law of Angola guaranteed that the laws and regulations of the Portuguese legal system in force in Angola would remain applicable until revoked or amended and insofar they did not go against the new Angolan Constitution and the Angolan revolutionary process in course.

What followed Angola's independence were 26 years of war and so far more than 30 years of restless legislative activity in a constant attempt to extend the State's view and rule from Luanda to the whole country and population.

Even finding the way to that patchy and unfinished road is certainly almost a "mission impossible" as it is not easy to get hold of historical or current Angolan legislation (even in the original language) and keeping up with amendments and changes.

's legal system can be considered civil law based (at least the formal legal system) and legislation is the primary source of law.

As to secondary sources, books are in reduced number (both in English and Portuguese) but there is a considerably large number of journal articles and studies (mostly in English), which can be found online albeit scattered through dozens of websites.