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The teeth suggest an adult in middle life, and show much evidence of hard wear.

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Little is known of the venerable gentleman beyond the circumstance that he is of a good old Welsh family, who it is asserted can trace their descent in a direct line from Gwynfardd Dyfed, Lord of Pembrokeshire & descendant of Mewrig, an early King of Dyfed. Archdeacon received his early tuition at Bromsgrove Grammar School, Worcestershire & appropriately enough entered on his collegiate career at Worcester College, Oxford. Of the beneficed clergy who held prefermant in the diocese previous to the consecration of the late Bishop, 26 appear to be still in the enjoyment of their benefices or have as in one case been raised to a higher ecclesiastical dignity within the disocese.

in 1843 was ordained deacon in 1841 & admitted to priests orders, taking his M. The 97th bishop who has sat in the "Seat of Dubricius" (two only of the long line of his predecessors within the strictly historic period have enjoyed an episcopate longer than his own) - these were Hereward (a Saxon) whose rule extended over 44 years and who died at the age of 100 in 1103 & Bledri or Blethry whose rule of 39 years ended with his death in 1022.

We wish to thank Sir Arthur Keith for confirming our reconstrucyion of the fragments, but we accept the responsibility for the notes here given.

The skull fragments, as reconstructed, are deposited in the National Museum of Wales.

The skeleton was found to be one of large size, strongly flexed, and lying on the left side, with head to the north (see fig.3). Those preserved have been indentified by my colleague, Mr J. The flint was found behind the pelvis of the skeleton (at the point A in fig.3) but its position, near the surface of the soil filling the grave, makes it practically certain that the implement was not in direct association wit the skeleton. A flint "knife" of somewhat similar type is said to have been found with a Beaker burial in Riley's Tumulus, on Merthyr Mawr Warren (Arch.