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At each election, a document like this instructs every returning officer to conduct an election to choose a member of Parliament.To address these problems, as well as the needs of a significantly enlarged organization, a number of measures were implemented that reshaped the way elections are administered.The achievement of these ends was assisted by the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing (also known as the Lortie Commission).

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Nonetheless, step by step, since 1982, many of these problems have been addressed.

Measures taken by Parliament and by election officials ensure that Canada's electoral process is not only legally but also administratively consistent with Charter principles – making the vote accessible to everyone entitled to cast a ballot, while protecting the integrity of the process by balancing the influence of money on electoral contests with the right to free speech.

Serving the public trust demanded more than simply administering the electoral legislation – it demanded an approach that was strategic and proactive.

As the politically independent custodian of the , the Chief Electoral Officer was in a unique position to help legislators mould its provisions into conformity with the rights and freedoms set out in the Charter, while retaining the spirit of the act.

Many Canadians probably assumed that their right to vote was assured well before 1982.