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And doesn’t Jadis — sorry, ‘s Season 4 premiere have been more exciting if we hadn’t known going into it which characters survived the Season 3 cliffhanger?Is it a coincidence that John has a past with a woman who shares the name Laura with one of , was Imra’s secret — that she and Brainy purposely guided the Legion to present-day National City to stop Pestilence/Blight — kind of lackluster?

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Is there, what, a concern that we at home will wonder, “Geez, why is Winn a tech wonk and not a Broadway star?

” 12 ‘s Dale was upset with Clive for staying overnight with another woman because it implied feelings.

the quick-witted valley girl, Halloween icon, and quintessential symbol of all things spooky: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Back in 1981, Elvira (born Cassandra Peterson, September 17, 1951) became the first nationally syndicated Horror Host, and emerged as one of the most original and outrageous characters in popular culture, with a large cult following.

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    And for performing this weekly operation upon herself, she is the highest-paid female journalist in Britain. Jones is probably Britain’s best fashion journalist — not difficult in a world where pussycat bows are the G20 and belts are the Arab Spring, it is true — because she actually reports on the business, and lays into its debauches, while the rest, on the whole, clap skirts and stay silent, because they are a well-dressed crocodile of collaborators, hungry for their front-row seats and access to the boring narcissism of Valentino, Lagerfeld and the rest.