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"No I didn't interview Cam Newton, but if you want to talk routes, we can do that, if you're going to go there, Frank," Rutledge says. We've been sitting here this entire time talking sports."But you know Frank, I thought you were better than that, honestly." After Frank asked what that meant, she said, "I thought you were better than putting women in a corner." Frank said he didn't do that and then went on to list the women sports announcers he has heard of. We don't need to sit here and talk about whether or not I'm a woman or a man or anything." Rutledge often sits in on Finebaum's daily radio show (which airs weekdays from 2-6 p.m. on ESPN2), frequently interacting with the host's colorful array of callers.When traveling through the United States, it's like the song goes: you can see mountains, prairies, and oceans, sometimes within the same day.

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When Rutledge chimed in with her thoughts, here's how Frank responded.

LISTEN: Laura Rutledge's exchange with Finebaum caller Frank "I'm sorry, is there a woman in there right now or...?

Listen to our conversation, or read it below: How common is it for you to hear comments like that whether it's from callers, fans, people at the workplace, players or coaches? One of the things about the Finebaum show is that it's been around for so long.

I am very new to it, and I love every moment of it.

From vast forests in the Pacific Northwest to the geological marvel of the Grand Canyon in the Southwest; the anachronistic mix of world-class urban development with centuries of history in the Northeast, to the rich cultures and big waves of the Hawaiian islands, the United States is a true treasure trove for any traveler.