Dating love site nicaragua

Okay, so here is an example of something my conservative character might write on LAC regardless of how long I intend to stay in Nicaragua (mixed in are some Spanish examples of Nicaraguan lingo and slang): Hola, que pase buen dia! I am in the business of computers and electronic gaming. On the weekends I like going dancing, to the beach, and to church. First, write what you want to say in English in the E-S #1 window and translate it into Spanish.

My Spanish is not very good so I am looking for new friends to help me practice. Keep it simple and clear using short sentences punctuated correctly using basic descriptive vocabulary.

So state an age you can actually pull off in the full light of day.

Be descriptive but do not over-share and reveal too much. I suggest documenting the details of this character in a notebook and memorizing these details (age, profession, back story, purpose for being in Nicaragua, etc.).

However, this info can easily be used by you younger cats too.