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Sati is a funeral custom whereby a widow will throw herself (either willingly, or due to social pressure) on the pyre of her dead husband, and burn to death.

The women do it to show devotion and piety for their husbands, but in addition to being suicide or murder, detractors argue that the practice perpetuates female subordination. In the Western world they have mostly disappeared, and many nations are banning capital punishment altogether.

Even during the eighteenth century—the zenith of the African slave trade—there were only six million slaves transported out of Africa. In the US alone there are an estimated 100,000 children trapped in the sex trade; human trafficking worldwide has grown to a US$32 billion business, and is soon expected to surpass the drug trade.

Although no country is exempt from this crime, the bulk of slaves exist in Asia, where there are around 12.3 million people in forced labor.

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