Dating sites for book lovers

Here's a look at what's buzzing in the book world today: 'Girl' power: If it were most any other week, Daniel Silva, the former journalist turned spy novelist, might have hit the top of USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list for the first time. 2 — behind only a detective novel, The Cuckoo's Calling, a product of publishing intrigue. And for those itching to hit the road, USA TODAY's Bob Minzesheimer talks to Philip Caputo, who chronicles his road trip from Florida to Alaska in a new book, The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, From Key West to the Arctic Ocean.Sales of Cuckoo, released in April, have soared since July 14, when a British newspaper revealed that it was written by none other than J. Literary love in London: In what's being called a triumph to book lovers and women's rights, the Bank of England has announced that Jane Austen will replace Charles Darwin on the 10 pound note.well, I’ll be a Captain Obvious telling you that your best choice is a photography dating niche.

Therefore, a book lovers dating website is a perfect place to meet someone, especially taking into account that fact that they always have a new book to discuss.

Searching the web, I found some book lovers dating websites such as Single Book Lovers, Book Lover Dating, Book passions.

Video Gaiman: He's found success as a children's and adult author, filmmaker and comic writer.

Now Neil Gaiman has announced his first video game, called Wayward Manor, Mashable reports.

(The White Queen, based on her Cousins' War series, premieres on Starz on Aug.