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Please contact Mandee Carrier at 205-652-5105 to be added to the list.The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) State Lands Division has scheduled four Open Woods Weeks at the Forever Wild Sipsey River Complex located in Tuscaloosa County near Buhl, Ala.New and updated consumption advisories issued for the 36 bodies of water tested can be found on the ADPH website: advice contained in this release and complete listings of the posted fish consumption advisories are offered as guidance to individuals who wish to eat fish they catch from various waterbodies throughout the state.

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ADEM, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources collected samples of specific fish species for analysis from various waterbodies throughout the state during the fall of 2017 (421 samples; 36 collection stations).

ADPH assessed the analytical results to determine whether any of the tested contaminants in the fish may give rise to potential human health effects.

For example, if black crappie is listed and white crappie is not, because they are in the same family, all crappie would fall under the listed advisory.

Three species – red snapper, Eastern wild turkeys and white-tailed deer – dominated the discussion at the Alabama Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting last weekend in Tuscaloosa.

It will also include the whole week of the Fourth of July. It could be longer if we have bad weather and the catch is reduced, or it could be shortened by a few days if our catch is above what we are projecting.