Dating suecia

This image is from the National Archives of Canada and the map can also be seen at Pugsley Maps from Mc Gill University, where a 1719 Chatelain version with the same title is also shown.

CARTE GENERALE DU CANADA EN PETIT POINT, by Louis Armand, Baron de Lahontan, from his Nouveaux voyages de Mr.

This is a larger map than the one above with more detail, though Pennsylvania is not named.

The most interesting maps of the late 17th and early 18th century were French. Lawrence River and through the Great Lakes using Indian portages to reach the Ohio and Mississippi River basins.

One important portage in Pennsylvania was near Erie, going from the lake overland to French Creek which leads to the Allegheny River.

He went up the Potomac River to Wills Creek at Cumberland and then over the mountains towards the Forks of the Ohio following an Indian path called Nemacolin's Trail, later to be known as Braddock's Road.

THE ENGLISH EMPIRE, from Philip Lea, Hydrographia Universalis, London 1700? The dating of this map is uncertain and it may have appeared in earlier editions.

This may be similar to the map listed in Docktor #200A5, 200A7. The same map appeared in The Compleat Geographer: Or The Chorography and Topography of All Known Parts of The Earth published by Awnsham & John Churchill, London, 1729. Scale: 1 inch = 412 miles (the scale on the map is in leagues). NOVA SVECIA HODIE DICTA PENSYLVANIA, Peter Lindstrom, in Tomas Campanius, Kort Beskrifning om Provincien nya Swerige (A Short Description of the Province of New Sweden), Stockholm, S. This map was discussed in the Introduction and under the 1690's. Du Ponceau translated and published the original book in English as A short description of the province of New Sweden. The 1705 version of this map can be seen at Pugsley Maps from Mc Gill University.