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By late Saturday, it had issued a full-blown apology. Brooks (@Cornell WBrooks) April 14, 2018Brittany Packnett, activist and co-host of the Pod Save the People podcast, noted how calm the men appeared during the arrest, possibly because any bigger reaction could have made the encounter much worse for them. In the letter, Johnson pledges to “learn from this and be better,” promising to work with outside experts and community leaders and to strive to improve the training of their employees and partners.

Another issue is that culturally, we have a problem with the idea of love that doesn’t conform to romance or familial relationships.

We are acculturated to believe that love has two definitions when it comes to relationships; one for family and for everybody else.

The conclusions from the study found that – amongst college students – the male partners in the relationships were far more likely to be attracted to the women than vice-versa and that the men would Now, arguments could and have been made about the article’s interpretation of the data (which varies from the stated purpose of the study), the way the study was conducted, the potential problems with the sample pool or the statistical conclusions that can be drawn from a 1 point difference in estimated levels of attraction (on a 9 point scale).

I’m not about to try to wrangle with the data, but there aspects that I took issue with.

That run-of-the-mill behavior seems hardly worth remarking on. But that’s exactly what happened to two black men who found themselves in handcuffs at a Philadelphia Starbucks this past Thursday.