Dating4executives com dating and older women

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The downtown haunt is a perennial favorite for tech companies with its antique couches, vinyl records and oddball knick-knacks that evince the vibe of a mid-20th century underground jazz lounge.

On this particular Thursday evening, Andersen gathered roughly 50 clients and single friends seeking that elusive connection.

As Andersen sees it, Silicon Valley has its own unique pitfalls when it comes to finding a match.

“They are constantly using their IQ — naturally, as they should be — but, when it comes to matters of the heart, and where I fit into the picture for my clients, it becomes very challenging because falling in love and finding chemistry is about that emotional quotient, the EQ, and letting go, feeling, and really kind of feeling emotions,” Andersen adds.

Many of the people in attendance were tech types or city socialites who have already tried their hand with the plethora of dating apps and websites out there — they just hadn’t found much success on them.