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Much of the Israel Museum is wheelchair-accessible, and an ongoing renovation program continues to improve access for the disabled.

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Modern, the Museum's kosher meat restaurant, is designed in an early modernist style.

It offers contemporary Jerusalem cuisine and a rich collection of quality wines.

Open Sun Mon Wed Thurs 8 am - 5 pm; Tues 8 am - 6 pm; Fri 8 am - 2 pm, Sat 8 am - 5 pm Cafe Tel: 02 633-2555, [email protected] are available in the Entrance Pavilion.

Please inquire at the Information Desk for details.

To arrange events: 054-778-8558; 054-304-0279; [email protected] See Modern's website » Mansfeld, the Museum's dairy cafés, are named after Al Mansfeld, the first architect of the Israel Museum and winner of the Israel Prize for Architecture for his design of the Museum.