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“As children start walking, they learn that if they don’t, they get hurt.” For children, water seems like a solid object, so they tend to ready themselves as they would for a fall.

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A little birdie told us that in order to swim at the Complex, one must first give a swimming test. Crowne Plaza’s outdoor & temperature-controlled infinity pool is blissful & chill.

Even so, swimming here is just as fun as anywhere else. Where: Talkatora Garden, President’s Estate Trials On: Mondays & Tuesdays Timings: a.m. Swimmers can also see the sky stretching out before their eyes while enjoying the heated pools.

But the the good thing is that we just spotted some of the best places for you to get some pool therapy! When you can hop into your costumes & take a dip into these cool pools!

Photo Source CWG Village has one of the best pools in town with a shed over it to cover your heads from getting exposed to the scorching heat!

So you’ll head over to Wet Republic, where they’ve imported David Guetta’s “F*** Me I’m Famous” bash from said isle.