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Kanye was also jealous that Kendrick and JAY-Z were invited to the White House while he was not.

At another point, he says, “I also have a problem with Obama being from Chicago and Chicago is still the murder capital of the world,” though he acknowledges that there was only so much Obama could do as president 5. They don’t need managers, they need CEOs,” Kanye says in explaining in his decision to part ways with his management.

“Ever since the Taylor Swift moment, it’s never been the same… He acknowledges that he’s currently medicated, but does not see a therapist. He also says he wants to change “the stigma of crazy” and “the stigma of mental health.” 2.

Kanye says he and JAY-Z are texting, but haven’t seen each other face to face in some time.

Kanye traces their beef back to two particular episodes: 1.) JAY-Z and Beyoncé not attending his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in 2014.