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It’s important to use Authenticity as the primary decision maker because it asks the question, “What is the right choice for me that honors my identity best?

” When you first start developing this process, it might feel like you sacrifice a portion of your freedom. However, that’s exactly why developing your Co-Pilot is so essential!

That's probably the most obvious example of why your dual is "best" for you (after the suggestive function, anyway). I too am an INFp, but I find the ENFp and ESFp emotionally draining. (the INTj i know best is vegetarian as well.) i'm another vegetarian and pretty hardcore about it.

Another thought -- I think what you guys are getting at is that you need your T type to be from a quadra (Alpha or Beta) to be able to stand them (because is much more obviously "F" than , which is much more subdued, even to the point where ISFjs and INFjs may be mistyped as T types by some). My older sister is an ESFp and we've always had an awkward relationship.

Before I get into this, I want to point out that slowing down and getting in touch with your feelings is a necessary preliminary step.