Error in updating your system

I wrote the following Power Shell script to reload the Exchange performance counters.

NET Framework update on Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, or Exchange 2016 servers. Setup$perfcounters = Get-Child Item "$env: Exchange Install Path\Setup\Perf\" *| Where-Object $perfcount = $perfcounters.

been looking around and i just cant seem to figure out what is wrong.

Currently i'm trying to update my database with a new highscore when ever the player dies. ID = 6; //I just hardcoded in 6 to make sure i wasent because of the new Id //thing, and i have checked if theres already something on the sixths spot as well.

However I changed creating and extending variables to just using external jars in my eclipse classpath. It seems that they where not as compatible as I would like or that I mixed the wrong ones. Trying to update the system reported errors as they couldn't fulfill some dependencies. It is better to have all the components with the same version and there are some nice new features.