Ex is dating someone else

moral of the story i am still kinda goiing through heartbreak sure i miss her but you have to understand its all a mental thing in your head and with yourself its an internal conflict and you must in the end battle with yourself and once you have and defeated moving on becomes better and eaiser trust me i'm getting over my first love and still healing.

Don't hurt yourself this girl is going to miss you.

Because I know I will give in to her if I see her and let her mess me up more. And I hope you find a girl that appreciates you for you one day! I get what everybody is saying on here and it's a comfort, in a horrible way, to know that I'm not alone. Whilst we were together, we had a very up and down relationship, but we always told each other how much we loved each other and how strong our feelings were for each other; addicted to each other was regularly said.

We had been together for 18 months, and we had, another, fall out, for three weeks.

She told me that her love for me isn't getting back anymore and the "spark" is gone. I told her that when she chose that guy i'll step away from her because i respect her decision. 8 years married, she did cheat on me, she left me for 3 months living with another older man at that time, then she cam back to me for 3 months, 1 time sex only, and she left with him again, they got married, got 3 kids, 11 years later she crossed the garden in diagonal way as desperate one and wanted to talk with me, i told her I have to go, I took my car and never met her again! Second love, another girl, 1 year together, she broke up, she cheated on me, she lost everything with that new guy, they did not pay the rent, she lost her job because of his jealousy, she could see her mum, well 5mn a month only (with me family lunch every Saturday), 3 years later she wanted me back, I told her I like you, I will help you, but don't except me to love you again, I did suffer too much, i cant take this risk again. She says to me it has to be her choice and her decision what she does which I agree.