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I feel your pain, I felt the same way fifteen years ago before leaving for better girls, excellent sex experiences, and feminine women.Beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered, and so feminine are just a few qualities Cebuanas possess.

As you already know, the dry season is the good time to visit and enjoy the tropical weather with a temperature of 28-35 °C and a humidity of 70-80%. If you’re planning to meet some young and cute Cebuana, May is the month you want to be in Cebu.

At Dream Holiday Asia, traveling is all about meeting local girls, while experiencing an unforgettable holiday.

KTV are usually well-received by Asian customers (Japanese and Korean).

Cute girls are dancing on the stage, but the main difference from a bikini bars is the possibility to take the girls in a Karaoke room to sing a song and… The classic Bikini bar is a kind of Thailand AGo-Go, but the ambiance is very relaxed. The girls aren’t dancing in bikinis for the most of the night, but in short dresses and high heels.

Before planning your next holiday, it’s worth noting that Cebu girls are easy to date. You have got sports bars, bikini bars, and KTV scattered around Cebu. Visit a bikini bar (they are called bikini bar but I saw no bikini) and enjoy the show.