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Most people with a Fatty Liver feel unwell and find they get tired and gain weight for no apparent reason.

The reasons for Fatty Liver can be alcoholism, incorrect diet, obesity, diabetes, or even excess use of medication.

where her history teacher, Mrs Mc Kelvie, encouraged her to participate in school plays.

Madhur played the role of Titania in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream followed by the lead role in Robin Hood and His Merry Men. Stephen's students put on a Shakespearean play that Madhur would watch avidly from the front row.

Madhur's brothers, Brij Bans Bahadur and Krishen Bans Bahadur, who were much older than her, were enrolled in St. A supporter of Mahatma Gandhi's demand for Indian independence from British rule, Madhur spent some time each day spinning khadi and delivered several large spools of thread to a central collection center in Delhi.