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Meanwhile, Spaniards are aghast over footage, above, of what appears to be a rare public spat between Queen Sofía and her daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia.• Getting closer to a trade war.

President Trump threatened to hit China with an additional 0 billion in tariffs, further escalating a trade standoff that could have global economic ramifications.

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If you are a more experienced healthy lifestyler, this weekend is an opportunity to refresh and recharge your battery.

Before the Expo starts you can join in some fun with other Expo attendees.

Here’s how to uninstall.• Sumo wrestling forbids women to enter the ring — even to save a life. They sent the news by cable when they reached the nearest wireless station, in September of the same year.

The rule led to an outcry in Japan after women, including a nurse, were shooed away from helping a politician who had collapsed.•We’re doing an open casting call for the new season of our animated video series on parenting, “Conception.” We want to hear from parents around the world and across the political spectrum about the issues affecting your families. The Times ran it on the front page: “Peary Discovers the North Pole After Eight Trials in 23 Years.”The only problem?

Wall’s body, according to a report read out in court.

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    While it's not known if Miranda and Evan's rumored romance started before his split from his wife, it's not the first time the Grammy-winner has dated a still-married man.

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    his head was rested on my shoulder while his chest pressed on me. I withdrew from him in a moment and asked him“What are you doing rinku? I want to worship and feel your body with my hands. If you try to go beyond then the show is over” I felt a little kinky like a slut about to show off her body.“o mommy, let me remove your clothes” he quickly put his hands under the hem of my gown and pulled it over my head. I covered my big boobies out of shame in front of my son.

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    I hear complaints from people all the time regarding the quality of users they're hearing from, or the fact that they're rarely hearing from anyone at all, and without fail, each time I have checked out that person's profile, it's a train wreck!

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    His crimes: López was convicted of murdering "110 young girls" and confessed to another 240. Apart from the murder of 13 prostitutes, Yates had a lot of other achievements, including three meritorious service medals from the army.