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What is it like to date as a trans or genderqueer person? My father was in the Navy and I would take up as "man of the house" when he was gone.

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There are so many ways to have sex and I'm into exploring all those possibilities — not just the ones that are typically considered more "masculine."Do you tend to date trans people or cis people (people who were born the gender with which they identify)?

Person A: I've really only been with my current (cisgender) partner, but I've definitely had attractions to both cis and trans folks.

My then-partner told me I wouldn't be attractive if I started transitioning.

It took some time, but I eventually realized that a relationship that I can't be myself in is not a relationship that's worth holding onto. What are some of the biggest dating challenges of being trans?

It's definitely something that I'm still figuring out.